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Author: Lavie Margolin, Career Coach

For those of us considering going back to school or currently enrolled in school, we inevitably have to ponder the following: What type of job can my degree actually get me? Instead of guessing, take a look at what others who have graduated at your school (or a comparable school) have done with the degree:

  • Go to Linkedin.com
  • In the upper right hand corner is a box that says “people”. Click on “advanced search” right next to that box.
  • In keywords, type in your major, make sure to include quotes for a more dynamic search (example: “Computer Science”).
  • Location: search within your geographic area (or location of interest).
  • Under school, list the school you attended or are interested in attending.

Many of the results (but not all) will reflect those with a similar major to yours and what they have done professionally since. This is a practical roadmap to the applicability of your degree. Instead of just reading about what your degree may get you, see what others have actually done. Once you get comfortable, do not limit yourself to only your school. Search similarly ranked schools or comparable city/state universities.

About the Author: Lavie Margolin is a New York-based Career Coach and the author of Lion Cub Job Search: Practical Job Search Assistance for Practical Job Seekers. To learn more, go to Lavie’s website, Lion Cub Job Search:www.Lioncubjobsearch.com