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Author: Lavie Margolin, Career Coach

Organizations that advertise on the major job boards or high profile websites receive hundreds of responses. The truth of the matter is that most of the resumes that they receive are not appropriate for the job and get immediate deleted or put in the trash. Here are some quick tips to help you stand out when applying:

  • Before applying for the position, make sure that you are a match for the job. At least 80% of the job requirements should fit your background, experience and education. Pay attention to the listed job hours as well as the location.
  • Spend time writing a cover letter that will be appealing to the reader as opposed to a generic message where you have only changed the name of the company and job title. Do your research and emphasize why you are a fit for that job as opposed to any job.
  • Always send a cover letter, even if they do not ask for it. Paste your cover letter into the body of the email, unless asked to send in another format.
  • Tailor your resume specifically to the job. It is not a life history but a marketing piece/advertisement for that specific position
  • Attach your resume as a Microsoft Word or PDF attachment (unless asked to do otherwise).

Be dynamic in your job search. When you apply for appropriate positions with the right marketing pieces, you can increase bring your chance of receiving a response from .5% (one in two hundred) to 2.5% (one in 40). Although 2.5% may seem like a small response rate, it is a fivefold increase in your chances of getting a response.


About the Author: Lavie Margolin is a New York-based Career Coach and the author of Lion Cub Job Search: Practical Job Search Assistance for Practical Job Seekers. To learn more, go to Lavie’s website, Lion Cub Job Search:www.Lioncubjobsearch.com