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Author: Lavie Margolin, Career Coach

Many job seekers treat their job search as a full time job. They wake up in the morning, check email, search for jobs listings, make follow up calls and write cover letters between the hours of 9-5. This determination is necessary for finding the next opportunity but it is important not to forgot to do things for yourself in order to relieve stress and anxiety during a potentially difficulty time:

1. Take a morning walk to get some fresh air and reset your circadian rhythm. We forget that part of our daily work routine was the commute to work, the stroll to the subway or bus and the time it took to walk to the job. These brief moments in the sun are extremely helpful for charging your batteries for the rest of the day.

2. Do some work outside your apartment. When you are getting anxious after staring at job listings on the computer screen for a few hours, change your environment and take it to the streets. If you have a lap top, work on your cover letter or resume revisions at Starbucks or the local bookstore chain.

3. Take some time to relax and enjoy your pastimes. When one does not have a consistent income, one often has to cut back on doing things that they enjoy, whether this be going to restaurants, movies or baseball games. Take a realistic approach to your financial needs. If you can afford to do so, I would suggest making sure to continue to do one to two things a week that are not necessities but that you really enjoy.

Making sure to take care of yourself and your needs will help you in your job search. You will be more relaxed when interviewing and meeting new contacts and success will be sure to follow.

About the Author: Lavie Margolin is a New York-based Career Coach and the author of Lion Cub Job Search: Practical Job Search Assistance for Practical Job Seekers. To learn more, go to Lavie’s website, Lion Cub Job Search:www.Lioncubjobsearch.com