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Our client is an Early Childhood through Grade 12 Jewish day school rooted in the Sephardic tradition and dedicated to academic excellence, creativity, and intellectual curiosity. As a school rooted in Jewish tradition, they are committed to ensuring that each student receives a comprehensive dual-curriculum education with emphasis on academic achievement, ingenuity, and at the same time, heritage.

As a community, they equip their students with the ability to confidently interact with an ever-changing modern world through the prism of Torah values, and to cultivate within them a deep understanding of and love for the people, land, and State of Israel.

This position reports to the Board of Directors.


  • Mentoring, managing, and inspiring a faculty in bringing students to recognize their full potential
  • Engaging our student and parent bodies in appreciating the importance of education
  • Fostering a culture of excellence while exuding warmth
  • Communicating well in public and in private, verbally as well as in writing
  • Leading and supporting all efforts in attracting teacher talent
  • Maintaining order and organization at all levels throughout the school
  • Meeting fiscal and budgetary goals
  • Along with other principals, successfully attracting and recruiting incoming students
  • Leads and manages the day-to-day operations with empathy, skill and compassion
  • Inspires and stimulates a learning environment with vision that allows the school community, students and faculty to actualize the potential of the School
  • Leads the school community in terms of the Educational Technology programs and projects
  • Prioritizes instructional leadership, supervision, and professional development of teachers
  • Maintains top-tier faculty through the selection, support and development of individual teachers and the nurturing of a positive professional culture that strives for excellence
  • Initiates and promotes connections between and within constituencies so that collaboration is at the heart of the School culture
  • Trains and mentors faculty to understand and respond to the unique developmental stage of young adolescents
  • Creates structures and opportunities that help students learn to create a healthy, caring community
  • Collaborates with educational administration teams to nurture and support the school’s mission
  • Collaborates with educational administration to foster and engender an environment that supports positive learning, student engagement while running a well organized school
  • Oversees the implementation of an educational program that is coherent, well-articulated, and aligned to the school’s mission
  • Oversees student placement to High School in conjunction with other Principals


  • Has demonstrated leadership in an elementary or middle school setting
  • Has effectively executed successful school projects and programming
  • Is visible and accessible to the community
  • Is articulate, inspiring and reassuring
  • Is innovative and creative
  • Is diplomatic when necessary; candid when appropriate
  • Is a self-assured and confident public speaker
  • Understands the importance of appropriate and timely communication
  • Can distinguish between what is urgent, what is timely and what is routine
  • Is patient, kind, good-humored and able to celebrate
  • Exhibits a natural inclination to work collaboratively
  • Ability to grasp the complexities of a school’s total operation and constituent relationships


  • Holds a Master’s degree or beyond
  • Has experience with educational technology and its successful integration
  • Has prior experience as an educational administrator in an Elementary or Middle School
Joel Paul
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