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A senior education professional had grown weary of his position. With each day, he felt progressively more under-challenged … and over-qualified. He needed a change and contacted the executive search team at The Joel Paul Group.

We had been conducting a high-level search for which this candidate seemed the model match. Indeed, when presented with the career opportunity, he termed it his “dream job.” JPG moved forward in presenting his credentials, scheduling all interviews and ultimately finalizing the employment agreement.

Making the transition, however, would create a potential imposition.

The candidate had been spearheading several important initiatives for the organization he was leaving. As much as he wanted to move quickly into his new spot, he was concerned about the disruption in continuity. In no way did he want to leave his previous employer “high and dry.”

JPG devised the solution.

We structured a contractual compromise that involved having the executive “consult” with the new organization while allowing him to wrap up his prior commitments. By carefully splitting his time and phasing into his new role, he was able to lay the groundwork for assuming his new responsibilities (and get to know his fellow colleagues in the process) – while effectively fulfilling his prior commitments.

The candidate was conscientious. So was The Joel Paul Group. Our experience helped us conceptualize a solution that minimized disruption and maximized continuity … for all parties involved.