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The Joel Paul Group had consulted with a leading medical university on multiple assignments for more than a decade. Notably, our role involved working side-by-side with the institution’s long-time CEO and founder in a consulting capacity.

So when the Board Chairman and CEO respectively said, “It’s time to find a successor,” JPG knew just what it would take to successfully fill the high-level, high-profile spot.

Our long-standing relationship with the university had involved multiple executive search assignments as well as consulting projects focused on hiring strategies and organizational policy planning. As a result, JPG held an intimate understanding of the organization’s specific goals and objectives – and, most importantly, its developmental imperatives.

JPG knew the exact type of person who could advance the institution’s mission – from a skills standpoint. But we were also cognizant of the issues that were crucial in ensuring a personality fit between the incoming executive and the longtime leader.

There were a number of inherent sensitivities. JPG was sensitive to them all. Our industry knowledge and experience – along with the unique insights we had gleaned from our long-term client relationship – enabled us to place a well-respected medical school senior academic in the post. This person had the skills and personality to meet the institution’s long-term requirements. But he also had the people skills needed to affect an all-important, seamless shift in leadership.

The Joel Paul Group led the way in helping to make that happen.