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Most high-level searches are conducted over a multi-month period. In one critical situation, The Joel Paul Group was called upon to fill a key position in one week!

The board of directors was increasingly unhappy with the performance of the incumbent executive, whom it had hired directly 18 months earlier. It was an uncomfortable fit – professionally and culturally. Unfortunately, a change had to be made immediately in light of several pressing management imperatives. The client turned to JPG for help.

Our long-term relationship with the Board of Directors and senior management team was based on a continual dialogue focused on issues and solutions. Consequently, we intimately understood the organization’s mission and objectives. What’s more we knew the exact type of professional who would succeed in that cultural context. Indeed, JPG had the ideal person in mind.

The candidate held a doctorate in their field of service and had direct experience in the nonprofit sector served by the organization. Because there was a distinct need for speed, JPG quickly presented the ideal candidate and arranged all required interviews. Management immediately saw that this candidate represented an excellent match. Negotiations and a contract were finalized in one week.

That was eight years ago. The executive has performed admirably and effectively ever since.

The Joel Paul Group’s long-term relationship in mentoring the client organization gave us the essential insights needed to swiftly fill the slot. Our knowledge of the institution – coupled with our database of thousands of nonprofit industry specialists – enabled us to meet the rigorous timetable and make the match.

In record time.