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Multiple your Number of Job Applications by 5!

Speaking from anecdotal evidence, the average number of positions job seekers apply to per week is five. What if we were to increase the number to twenty five opportunities per week?

Open to All Possibilities is Too Much: A Focused Career Change

Try to pick a focus for your career change. If you believe your skills are transferable to many different industries, concentrate on no more than three fields. Learn all you can about those industries. If you try to be everywhere, it can be hard to get anywhere.

Negotiating Salary as a Consultant

By working as a consultant, it may open the doors to many unique opportunities in the future, both within consulting as well as an even better full-time position.

The Applicability of My Degree: A Practical Approach

For those of us considering going back to school or currently enrolled in school, we inevitably have to ponder the following: What type of job can my degree actually get me? Instead of guessing, take a look at what others who have graduated at your school (or a comparable school) have done with the degree.

Breaking into our Dream Industry

By connecting with industry professionals and demonstrating your knowledge of the field, your chances for breaking in to that industry will increase exponentially. Once you get your break, be prepared to work hard as it is a job just like any other.

The Right Fit for you

Any change in our career is a potential risk. You can mitigate that risk by taking careful consideration with your next move. When choosing the next step in your career, consider the following five things about your potential new employer.

Reaching for Higher Rungs on the Career Ladder

Focus on both your short term and long term goals. If an opportunity comes up at the company you would like to work but not in that role, give it some consideration. While taking a position at a company in a divergent department might seem to take you off on an unwanted path, it actually might help you in the long run.

Deciding if an MBA is Right for you? A Practical Approach

Furthering our education can often feel like the panacea for a difficult job search and continued career frustration. It is hard to avoid thinking that if we were to just get one more degree or focus on school for the next few years, instead of looking for work, perhaps all of our problems would be solved.

Rebuilding One’s Career After a Serious Error in Judgment

We all make mistakes. Some big, some small but it is how you learn from them. If you made a glaring mistake that is hurting your ability to get a job, be upfront about it and look towards taking your transferable skills to the next opportunity. Sometimes it may seem like a step back but in the end, you will end up ahead.

Weighing Risk When Accepting a New Job Offer

Sometimes we take risks and they do not always work out but oftentimes they do. Taking a risk for upward mobility is often the right step for many in their career but that is for you to decide. No matter what, everything is a learning experience and if you choose to take the risk, you may be better for it.

Knowing When To Go: Leaving a Job (even in this economy)

It is often said that it is easier to find a job when you have a job. What if you have been searching for new a job while continuing to work but have found it especially challenging? When is it a good idea to leave your job and just concentrate on finding the next opportunity?

Starting a New Job and Staying Active in the Job Market

After a long job search, it is hard to resist the temptation to tell everyone we know that we are now gainfully employed. It has most likely been a stressful time and we want to tell those who have helped us (or perhaps pressured us) in finding employment.

Balancing the 9-5 Job Search Grind

any job seekers treat their job search as a full time job. They wake up in the morning, check email, search for jobs listings, make follow up calls and write cover letters between the hours of 9-5. This determination is necessary for finding the next opportunity but it is important not to forgot to do things for yourself in order to relieve stress and anxiety during a potentially difficulty time.

Managing Job Search Stress and Lost Confidence

Can the job search be one of the most stressful things you will experience professionally? Certainly, but you have to stay as positive as possible. If you come across negative in the interview or when meeting others that can help you, it will only make things more challenging.

Working for Cash is No Bargain

From time to time, I hear about clients being offered work ‘off the books’ (Getting paid in cash instead of by check, with your earnings not reported to the government). Shady employers try to convince the applicant that the job is more money in your pocket.

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