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Refreshing Your Job Search with a Healthy Break

Searching for a job today is like a full time job plus overtime. Spending the time searching for leads, networking, changing your cover letter and resume for every job can be exhausting. In New York, when you work five hours (or thereabouts), you are entitled to a half hour break. Why not when you are looking for a job? If you take a ‘healthy’ break it can only reinvigorate your search.

Letting them see you Sweat (when you’re not nervous)

Interviewing is all about perception. Do you appear poised and confident even when you are really nervous on the inside? What about when you are completely relaxed but something is making it appear that you are nervous.

Help Yourself by Helping A Reporter Out (HARO)

A good way to find success in your career is to be seen as an expert in your field. By using the HARO list (help a reporter out), you can a name for yourself even if you have no contacts in the media industry.

On Resubmitting a Resume

A question that often puzzles job seekers is the following: should I submit my resume to a company a second time if I never heard anything back the first time?

Never Pay for Just a Resume

A job seeker should not use a resume writer who will not teach the person how to change their resume for every job. A resume is part of a job seeker’s campaign to advertise their skills, experience and qualifications for the job. Each employer is looking for someone that is a strong match for their unique needs.

Does Work from Home actually Work?

If your goal is to eventually work from home, gain an area of expertise that you can leverage at a later date. Once you have the skills, employers will be more flexible on how you work with them, possibly including an opportunity to work from home either full time or balancing your schedule between home/work.

Just saying Hello goes a Long Way

In order for networking to work, you should be genuine about it. Say hello, thank people for their time and keep them updated of your progress. With a genuine approach to networking, you will have more success and it will not be transparent that you are only looking for something.

Why We Change Jobs So Frequently

The nomadic trend of changing jobs every few years is partly due to the abundance of information available today. At any moment, you can stay up to date on the jobs available within your industry and apply in just a few moments.

Make Referrals to Strengthen Your Network

If you make referrals, it will help to strengthen your network twofold. Not only are you helping the person in need of a service but you are helping the person that provides the service. Be careful in only recommending someone you know that does good work as it is your reputation that is on the line.

13 Questions to Ask an Insider when Changing Careers

When considering transitioning to a new field of work, be sure to get an insider’s perspective as part of your research. Company literature and job descriptions will give some perspective into the job but to gain a real understanding, speak to a few people that have actually done the job.

4 Ways to Make a Better Impression on your Boss

Don’t just be an employee. Be dynamic in your job. Be open to suggestions. Help the company to do more with less. Consider how you can contribute not only within your defined role but outside of it as well. Your career will thank you.

Five Ways to Tap into your Alumni Network

With alumni networking, similar to any type of networking, it is what you put in that you will get back. To have the most success with alumni networking, one should be visible and be seen as a helpful resource for other alumni.

Career Instability is the New Stability

Your career cannot, and should not, be based on finding stability. To find true success, you have to find what you are good at, what you are passionate about, stay current in your field and work just as hard (if not harder) than everyone else to remain successful. Try not to fear change.

Utilizing Constructive Criticism

When we are asking others for help, we can often be confronted by feedback that is somewhat unpleasant. Oftentimes, our first reaction is to get mad and upset that the person told us something that we did not like. It is important that we as job seekers surround ourselves with some people who will not only give us encouragement but give us a dose of reality as well.

Sales People Find Success by Following Leads – and so Should You!

Spending the time to understand who else may have a need for your skills, will allow you to find many more appropriate opportunities. Instead of waiting for the opportunities to come to you, you can go out and find them. By thinking like a salesperson, you are more likely to find the job that is ideal for you.

Making the Job Fair a Worthwhile Experience

Many of us have attended job fairs only to be let down. You may have expected different employers at the fair or could not find anyone looking to recruit for someone with our backgrounds. Perhaps we did meet the right people but never heard back afterwards.

Building Equity in Your Network

We all know that networking is a key component to professional success. How can we make our network work for us? The key to professional networking is building “Professional Equity” with your network.

How to Increase your Chances of Getting an Interview Fivefold

Be dynamic in your job search. When you apply for appropriate positions with the right marketing pieces, you can increase bring your chance of receiving a response from .5% (one in two hundred) to 2.5% (one in 40). Although 2.5% may seem like a small response rate, it is a fivefold increase in your chances of getting a response.

When Faced with Contradictory Resume Advice

Every time you submit your resume for a job, it should be an effective advertisement for that position. In order to be an effective advertisement, the resume must change every time. Modify as appropriate for every job in order to increase your chances for success.

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