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Our client, Hebrew  Theological  College  is  pleased  to  announce  that  it  is  accepting  nominations  and applications for the position of Principal of the Fasman Yeshiva High School, located in Skokie, Illinois.  The  Fasman  Yeshiva  High  School  is  the  secondary  school  division  of  the  Hebrew Theological College and a vital institution within Chicago’s Orthodox Jewish community. The high school serves a broad section of the local Chicago community and communities throughout the United States. Its nurturing environment and educational mission reflect that welcoming spirit.

Hebrew Theological College, founded in 1921, is committed to producing Torah-imbued college graduates who will serve the Jewish community and humanity through their professional and personal vocations. Hebrew Theological College provides coursework leading to undergraduate degrees in Judaic Studies, Accounting, Business, Education, English, Health Sciences, Psychology and Speech and Language Pathology.  In addition to the two college divisions – the Men’s Beis Midrash/College program and the Blitstein Teachers Institute for Women – Hebrew Theological College  also  includes  the  Fasman  Yeshiva  High  School  preparatory  division  for  young  men. Hebrew Theological College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, and a partner with the Jewish United Fund in serving our community. HTC officially partnered with Touro College in 2015. Touro is a system of non-profit institutions of higher and professional education.

The Principal will be responsible for creating and sustaining an environment of academic and professional excellence for students and faculty in a collaborative working environment.   The Principal is charged with supervising the day-to-day operations of Fasman Yeshiva High School and tasked with demonstrating creative, proactive, and inspirational leadership to the entire high school. This includes supervising three associate principals, a mashgiach (dean of students) and a faculty of Jewish and general studies teachers. The Principal must ensure that Fasman Yeshiva High School provides a high quality Judaic and General Studies education in a safe and nurturing environment. The Principal will collaborate with and report to HTC’s Chief Executive Officer and Rosh HaYeshiva.


  • Develop and  implement  policies,  programs,  curriculum  activities,  and  budgets  in  a manner that promotes the educational development of each student and the professional development of each staff member.
  • Provide activities which facilitate the professional growth of the school staff and enhancethe quality of the instructional program.
  • Manage and resolve all student disciplinary issues.
  • Create an atmosphere in the school that inspires the students to have a love for Torah and Jewish life.
  • Conceptualize the  broad  goals  of  the  school  and  plans  accordingly  to  ensure  that procedures and schedules are implemented to carry out the objectives of the school.
  • Develop and communicates the school programs to the community.
  • Shape and directs the curriculum, and innovate educational programs and projects that will continuously enhance the overall educational experience for students.
  • Direct the assessment of institutional academic achievement, ensure that the academic program conforms with all accreditation, State and Federal criteria, and be current with educational trends and able to implement best practices.
  • Advise and supervises  teachers and  all  school  personnel  in the  execution  of curricular
  • Define the responsibilities and accountability of staff members.
  • Participates in an instructional role for the students when appropriate.
  • Oversee recruiting, hiring and evaluating faculty and staff.
  • Oversee the  admission,  evaluation,  interview  and  acceptance  processes  of  student applicants.
  • Maintain good relationships with students, staff, and parents and engage and coordinate with High School Advisory Board (formerly YPA) and parents.
  • Create a warm environment and a connection with the students.
  • Guide and  monitor  student  academic  progress  along  with  their  social,  emotional, educational and spiritual needs.
  • Evaluate student progress in the instructional program.
  • Directs high school student recruitment efforts.
  • Oversee the  admission,  evaluation,  interview  and  acceptance  processes  of  student applicants.
  • Promotes building a connection between FYHS students and the HTC Beis Midrash and College program
  • Oversee the process of senior students interviewing and applying to yeshivot in Israel.


Education, Preparation, and Training

  • A master’s degree or above in Education or related fields.
  • Relevant experience in an educational leadership position.
  • Strong public speaking skills.
  • Capable of delivering engaging shiurim.
  • Able to represent HTC in a very positive light to the community.
  • Rabbinical Ordination.


  • Superior interpersonal skills.
  • An engaging teacher and speaker to students and the broad community.
  • Superior verbal and written communication skills.
  • Dynamic and charismatic personality.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.
  • Respected by rabbinic faculty, students and parents for his knowledge and interpersonal conduct.
  • Able to develop relationships with community stakeholders and educational institutions.

Computer Skills

  • Microsoft Office Suite.


  • Occasionally as needed for recruitment purposes and to represent the institution.
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